Le Galet d'Argile de Provence

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Conditions Générales de Vente

Bill of sale

The past orders hire the customer on receiving by our service customer of orders it and of its regulations, about the mode of regulations is.


   MC40 promises to implement everything to deliver order for the shortest delays, and it on receiving of the order form. Any claim for not compliance or missing will have to be transmitted in reception of order. MC40 liberated from her obligation of delivery for all any haphazard cases or from major force.


MC40 will be able to change his rates any time. The photographs of products introduced on this site are not contractual. The customer promises to pay the selling price in force at the time of his seizure of order.


Besides lawful guarantee against hidden vices, MC40 guarantees the defectiveness of the product in modalities defined below. In case the client would determine a defectiveness of the product, he has of seven opened days as from his purchase to come back to MC40 there. MC40 goes back then to the expenses, to the client, to the address pointed out on the delivery note, a new product. Besides these guarantees, MC40 gives no other guarantee.


Any placed order takes the membership of the client, and it without any restriction, in the General terms of Sale of MC40. Any disagreement relating to sale (price, CGV, product) will be subjected to French law in front of the court dealing with trade disputes of Marseilles.


All data which you entrust us are it to be able to treat your orders. By virtue of law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to computer science, to files and to freedom, you have to the customer service MC40 of a right of access, of consultation, of modification, of correction and of abolition of the data which you announced us.

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