Le Galet d'Argile de Provence


The Clay Pebble is made from natural clay rendered porus by firing. Used frequently, it will give you clean and soft skin. The Clay Pebble is filled with a mild, lightly-scented foaming base which foams as a soap upon contact with water. When used as a scrub, it eliminates calluses and dead skins from the knees, elbows and heels (don’t use on the sensitive parts of the body: face…). The Clay Pebble is also ideal against stains such as glue, tar, paint, dirt, or persistent kitchen odour (garlic, fish, onion), etc.


When the wet pebble no longer foams, leave it to soak for 48 hours minimum in our refill of soap (Ressourceur) specially adapted for that purpose. The Clay Pebble will again be ready to use!